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Recent Events here at St T's

Welcome to Jon England to St T's

Jon will be with us this year experiencing life at St Thomas' and sharing his gifts with us. The induction service for Jon together with Emily and Tom serving in other parts of the Deanery including St Paul's North Shore, St Annes Greenlands, Freedom Church and chaplaincies was livestreamed at 7pm on Blackpool Ministry Experience Facebook Page. Please do join us and be in prayer for them as they experience life in Blackpool and seek God's will.

Here is Jon's introduction:
Hi, my name is Jonathan England. I am 21 years old and have grown up in a Christian family as part of the Church of England. We recently moved to Buxton in the Peak District where my mum is the new Rector. Last year I began my undergraduate degree in Psychology with Dance and Movement Studies from which I’m taking a break this year. I love photography, art, running and being outdoors as much as possible. I look forward to working closely with you all, the community and all those involved in spreading God's love. With many blessings, Jon.




Welcome to our new curate - Emma Swarbrick



On Monday 20th July we welcomed our new curate Emma Swarbrick to the St Thomas' family.  We look forward to hearing and seeing what God has planned for her and for us!  Take a look at the service led by Bishop Julian. 





Joint service with Blackpool Churches

On Sunday 23rd February the congregations of St Thomas' Blackpool, St Marks Layton, St Luke's Staining, St Johns Blackpool and Christ Church with All Saints, joined together to worship, share fellowship and listen to God's word delivered by Bishop Jill.



Bishop Jill presided over our joint service of Holy Communion.  She spoke to us saying 'I have much joy in my heart for Blackpool'.  She went on to say that we should be encouraged; as a people we are dedicated to seeking the Lord.  There is a sense that our churches are deeply prayerful, have a heart for mission and have a spirit of unity.  Nothing is overlooked by God, both prayers and tears are heard. 



Bishop Jill said we should be naturally inspired by heros of faith.  We should pay attention to the details and keep in step with the Spirit by:

Being humble - we can't do it ourselves, we need God, trust in God and make sure we are not putting our faith/trust in other 'idols'

Turning away from our wicked ways - we need a visitation from the Holy Spirit.  We are precious to God and He can unravel the darkness in our lives.

Praying and seeking God's face - claim the nation for Jesus.  God gives us incredible gifts and we are His army.  

She went on to state: 'Blackpool is a well of living water continually refreshed by the waves. Jesus wants to light His beacons, set fires in our hearts and set people who are trapped free.'



Rev Dave on BBC Radio Lancashire

Rev Dave was asked for his views on freedom of speech this morning Sunday 9th February, in the wake of the Franklin Graham venues being cancelled in Lancashire.  If you missed it, click here and it will take you to the programme, where you can just press play and it should be in the right place.  If not move the programme bar to 2 hours 10 minutes and 40 seconds (2:10:40) and it lasts until 2:32. The link is live until 8th March. I am sure Dave will be glad to hear your views!

Baptism and confirmation

Church, family and friends joined together at the 6.00pm service to support 6 confirmation candidates.  Bishop Jill conducted the service in addition to presiding over Holy Communion.  

Bishop Jill chose a verse from the reading to base her talk ' I pray that I myself may be in them'. John 17: 26.  The verse is from the passage where Jesus prays for all believers, John 17: 20 - 26.

Bishop Jill spoke about Jesus wanting to live in all of us, that the confirmation candidates will be filled with the Holy Spirit at confirmation.  She stressed that in this world where we can live in a lot of fear and allow it to nest in our hearts, Jesus comes to bind up our fear and sends the Holy Spirit as a dove to bring peace.

Bishop Jill's prayer was that Jesus would bind up our fears.  We don't have to be a slave to that fear.  She reminded us that we are sons and daughters of the King, that He has a special plan for each one of us and that nothing is impossible for God.  The Holy Spirit comes as a dove of peace but also brings fire which burns up the lies the world wants us to believe.  Jesus wants us to naturally shine for Him. His light burns up the darkness.  Be open to the work of the Holy Spirit in our lives.




Jesus wants us to shine for Him


Bishop Jill confirmed each candidate individually, giving each one a unique message from God


Candidates with their sponsors presented to Bishop Jill





Bishop Jill shares God's message


Celebrating God's goodness to each of us!


Candidates with Barbara  - our children and youth pastor




Carols by Candlelight


We joined in with a lovely service reminding us of the importance of celebrating the birth of Jesus this Christmas.  The children carried Christingles, members of the congregation delivered readings and our learner signers treated us to a performance of Silent Night.  You can watch and join in here.

Christmas Tree Lighting

Community, School and Church got together on Sunday 8th December to celebrate our tree lighting, which reminds us that  Jesus came to be a Light in the darkness.

Devonshire Road School Choir performed beautifully for the congregation and refreshments were enjoyed after!






Let it shine!


The chancel 


Congratulations to Vicky Bentley, Licensed as Reader.

On Sunday 20th October, our vicar David together with a small contingent of supporters and Reader Barbara assembled at Lancaster Priory.  We were there to give thanks to God and support Vicky Bentley who was Licensed as a Reader by the Bishop of Burnley, together with 6 other candidates.

Bishop Philip preached a fine sermon on 'Body Building', using as an illustration a recent visit to a gym in Burnley called 'The Muscle Factory'.  He said the ministry of a Reader was to be a body builder, teaching and preaching from the word of God, building up the body of Christ.  Vicky has been doing this for many years and now affirmed.  

Vicky found the service moving and significant as did those who attended.  We can now look forward to Vicky's continued ministry at St Thomas' as 'together we're Building the Kingdom' or should that be 'Body Building?'

Why not come along to one of our services and meet Vicky, we are sure she would be pleased to tell you about all her experiences that have lead her to be a Reader.






Reader; Barbara left, Reader Vicky, Bishop Philip 

and Vicar David


Vicky with Bishop Philip

Harvest 2019

On 5th October we enjoyed our Hotpot Supper.  Great food, great company and a great time worshipping and praising God for everything we received from Him.  

Members of the congregation requested songs/hymns that were their favourites.  The pictures below show a little of the night.  Glyn our worship leader had also put together information about each song.  If you click on the song title, it will take you to that information.

Keep checking our What's happening page and our Parish Newsletter page to keep up to date with what's going on.  We would love you to be part of our family at St Thomas'.




Glynis and Anne (along with Jude not in picture

preparing our delicious hotpot


Our wonderful worship team!




Enjoying worship


Singing praises


In thanks to God

 Harvest supper  - view a little of our worship band.  


This is the day that the Lord has made.docx


Light of the world.docx


Your Blood.docx


Bless the Lord (10,000 reasons).docx


We plough the fields and scatter.docx


Father I place.docx


I'm special.docx


Faithful One.docx


What a beautiful name.docx


Great is Thy faithfulness.docx




One shall tell another.docx


Victor's crown.docx


My Jesus, My Saviour.docx


Be Thou my vision.docx


Lord of the dance (1).docx





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